Installing and Configuring vCenter 7.0

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* In this article, vCenter 7.0 installation, creating Datacenter after installation and adding ESXi hosts will be explained step by step.

-Please first review the vCenter Server Appliance System Requirements from the link below :

You can download Center ISO from the link below :
-vCenter 7.0 ISO  :

We already have the domain and 4 ESXI hosts installed in our installation scenario. I assume that you have read System Requirements from the link above. We will start the installation by first creating the DNS records and start the installation from a client operating system where we mount the vCenter ISO.

Test VM Network Adapters




    • — Creating a new Datacenter and adding ESXi Hosts to the vCenter 7.0 —

      * We have completed installation of vCenter 7.0 in the first part. Now we will create a Datacenter, then add all ESXi hosts (ESXi, NestedESXi-1, NestedESXi-2, NestedESXi-3) to this Datacenter on vCenter Server.First, we will take a look at the home and Server management screen of vCenter, and the web interfaces of ESXi hosts, which we already have. Then, we will create Datacenter under Vcenter and we will add ESXi hosts under it and complete the configuration.

      vCSA Home



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