ESXi 7.0 installation “IndexError: list index out of range”

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If you encountered an error like below “ IndexError: list index out of range ” while installing ESXi 7.0, probably you have data from your previous installation on your boot disk. Breaking and rebuilding the raid configuration will not make any changes in this case.

ESXi 7.0 list index out of range










Warning: As you will see on the warning screen, this procedure will reset the date, time, and all configuration settings to their default values and will delete all fixed disk partitions. You can save your own settings as default by selecting “User default options” from the menu. But just in case if you have special configuration settings, I suggest you write them down. Also, considering that you are installing a new ESXi to your server, I assume that there is no valuable data for you on the disks while you are doing this operation. Otherwise, think twice and backup your data before this operation.

To fix the “IndexError: list index out of range” you need to erase the boot disk. To do this, you should

  • Open the Rom Based Setup Utility screen by pressing the F9 key on the Server Boot screen,
  • Select System Default Options,
  • Select Restore Settings / Erase Boot Disk,
  • Select Yes, Select to Restore / Erase. 


After the above steps, the server will restart and the following screen will appear. As you are reminded on the following screen, press F9 key to enter RBSU to update the default time/date values and change the default values ​​according to your own settings. Now you can continue installing ESXi without “IndexError”

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